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Have I Got Room For A Bouncy Castle?

Here at Bee Leisure, two of the most common questions people ask is "Have I Got enough space for a bouncy castle?" or "Can you put your bouncy castles on concrete?". That's why we have decided to create this guide to help you to understand what conditions a bouncy castle requires. You will find lots of useful information in this page which will help you to understand and decide which bouncy castle is best for you.

1, location, location, location.

Bouncy castles come in many different shapes and sizes, however one thing they all do have in common is that they must be securely anchored to the ground to ensure they don't move during your event. When a bouncy castle is placed outdoors the use of metal pegs to anchor it to the ground is the method we use at Bee Leisure. The ideal location would be on a flat piece of grass as the pegs can easily be driven into the ground. This dose not mean we cannot hire outdoors on other surfaces that can be penetrated by a peg such as gravel, bark or wood chippings, But you must check that the substrate under the decoration on top is something soft like soil or sand to allow the pegs to penetrate. We are unable to commence any hire outdoors on hard surfaces such as, concrete, patios, block paving, ect. As the pegs cannot be driven in. Artificial grass is something we can consider doing as long as the surface under it is something soft, and you understand that to be able to do the hire we may have to pierce the actual grass itself to allow for the peg to be driven in. If you have artificial grass then please call us before booking so this can be discussed in more details and a site assessment arranged free of charge. Something else that should have your consideration is that the location needs to be relatively close to a electrical outlet so the blower can be plugged in. Our vans carry 15 metre extension cables which sounds long but in reality is not that long when we try to avoid crossing pathways to prevent tripping hazards.

2, Size Matters.

Although you may have a patch of grass in your garden, its important you have a big enough patch. All our products sizes are on the description of our products, but did you now they require a little more space? In this example we will use a standard size castle we have on our fleet which is a 11ft x 15ft bouncy castle. You may think that because your garden is 12ft x 16ft that we would be able to fit that in nicely, however you would sadly be wrong. Our products dimensions are simply there so you can see how big the product is that your hiring they actually require a little more space to ensure they can be safely used. Each inflatable will require an additional 2ft down each side 4ft at the back and another 4ft clear at the front. Lets go Back to our example castle then. If the castle is 11ft x 15ft the space it will require is a clear area of 15ft x 23ft. this is so the blower At the back can be accommodated and the mats at the front can be positioned there. The 2 ft down each side allows for movement in the castles wall and to prevent a child becoming trapped.

3, Indoor Bookings.

Indoor bookings can be a great idea if your event falls in the cooler winter months. The locations requirements as detailed in the last section still apply and you must also take into consideration the hight of the ceilings v's the hight of the bouncy castle. We would always recommend having at least a space of 1 ft between the top of the castle and the ceiling to allow for movement. All our castles have the hight details on the description pages. Now, in section 1 we talked heavily about the location of the bouncy castle and needing to be pegged to the ground, don't worry we are not going to peg it to the ground in your village hall. We will use sandbags indoors to stabilise the castle. This is not an option outdoors as we have got to factor in the wind conditions, however in a hall we don't need to factor these in as there will be none.

So in summary the rules are, if outdoors can it be pegged? Have you got enough space to fit the castle in? If indoors is the celling high enough? We hope this guide has helped you to understand what is required to have a bouncy castle or inflatable. If you do have any questions or are unsure please contact us to arrange a free of charge site visit as we may not have an alternative castle available on the day. We also must point out that if the castle cannot be erected on the day as you have not ordered the correct castle and it does not fit, or the surface type is incorrect you may incur charges to cover the cost of the attempted delivery so please double check before the event. To book a free of charge site assessment or to ask any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 01924 58 66 99 and we will be more than happy to help.

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