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Welcome to Bee Leisure!

Bouncy Castle Hire Wakefield and Surrounding Areas

Wakefield's best Bouncy Castle and Soft Play Hire company for over 4 years! If you're looking to hire a Bouncy Castle in Wakefield you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of inflatables from Bouncy Castles, Inflatables Slides and Soft play available for hire in Wakefield and surrounding areas.

The company started in February 2020 when the owner left full time employment to care for an elderly relative. Been in the hire industry himself 5 years ago with a different company name and providing quality products to customers, he still gets calls from former customers asking if he has availability.

Bee Leisure officially hoped to launch and open its doors on the 4th April 2020 however, due to the coronavirus outbreak this was somewhat delayed more on that in a while. Our new name was formed as its the owner's initials and then followed by leisure. We thought this would work well as it gives us a great opportunity to create our company mascot "Bumble Bee" who is visible throughout this website to help you make the right choice regarding your inflatable booking, with his helpful facts and tips.

We have selected some of our most popular castles from our old company and paired those up with some new ideas that have only just been released from manufactures to give you plenty to choose from. This dynamic selection of products paired up with our five-star customer service is sure to give you peace of mind from the moment you book right up until the moment of your event.

It was a bumpy start. As previously mentioned, we had hoped to open our doors on the 4th April 2020. We had worked tirelessly to hit this date and ensure everything was ready for our big launch. Just weeks before this was to happen the coronavirus pandemic swept the nation, and instantly closed our business before we had chance to cut the ribbon and open. The owner spoke with council officials and after weeks of negotiations Bee Leisure bouncy castle hire Wakefield officially opened for trade on the 7th May 2020. It was not business as normal, with the coronavirus lock down still in full swing we could only hire castles for private household only use. We cleaned and sanitised each castle before and after every hire, we also then isolated the castle for 72 hours and then gave it a deep clean before it's next hire. So, you might be thinking things are looking on the up now and that's exactly what we thought until the 20th May 2020 when we had the most dreadful news that the elderly relative who the owner cared for sadly passed away. Determined not to close the business for the second time, the owner continued to provide cost effective bouncy castles to family's who was in total lockdown and not allowed to leave the family home for weeks. Many had booked castles, so the children had got mild relief from been cooped up indoors. The weather we experienced during the lock down was also fantastic the sun shone nearly every day with temperatures around twenty five degrees Celsius. Bee Leisure would like to thank all its customers from the coronavirus outbreak for their understanding and support at such a difficult time.

So, let's talk a little more about what we have in store for you. We have a large selection of standard bouncy castles in a variety of themes available for hire. Not only do we have the standard castles we also have our much-loved front entrance combo castles, again in a wide selection of themes. Our combo castles really are the best of both worlds as you have superb bouncy castle with mini slide all in one. Moving to something for slightly older children we have a fantastic disco dome, a large, dark, dome inflatable with disco lights and a Bluetooth speaker for you to connect your phone and play all the latest tunes. Another little gem we have is our assault course complete with a slide finish, challenge your friends to who can complete the course in the fastest time. Ohhh there is more.... We have a selection of soft play shapes complete with ball pools for our smaller clients, why not choose one of our package deals to give the ultimate wow factor and entertain both tots and older children at the same time.

Our inflatables are all made here in the United Kingdom, just outside Leeds to be precise. Our inflatables are made on large tables and are sewn together by highly talented machinists. They don't use standard cotton to hold the inflatables together, this would not be strong enough. Instead, they use a double line (like on your jeans) of bonded nylon thread. This is extremely strong and unlike cotton cannot be snapped. Having all our inflatables made so local is important to us, it helps keep our local economy moving. It also helps us to ensure we bring you only the very best, as been so local we can conduct factory visits to ensure quality is at a maximum.

Moving over to the safety aspect now as this is something we take very seriously. All our inflatables are tested on an annual basis to ensure there strong and fit to look after your little guests to the British Standard, it's called BS EN 14960 if you was curious of the standard.

We also hold five million pounds liability insurance in the highly unlikely event something doesn't go quite to plan. We must at this point stress this is highly unlikely, the owner of the company ran the old company for 6 years with not one single report of injury. We achieve this by ensuring safety is our main priority. We will never hire a castle outdoors on hard surfaces as its not practical to securely anchor it down, nor will we ever hire a inflatable when the weather conditions are not fit to do so. Wind speeds must be below 24mph otherwise we would have to regretfully cancel any outdoor hires, before we did this, we would try to look for an solution perhaps moving the party to a hall locally or even another date. Again, please don't worry too much about this. It's very rare this happens but it's an important factor as to why we have the service that we do. We are also members of the British inflatable hirers alliance or BIHA for short who keep us updated on any new safety rules and laws we need to adhere to.

So, what should you expect on the day of your hire? Our friendly delivery drivers will come to the location you told us to do so. They will then assess the place you would like to put your entertainment and see if its suitable. If it's not we will be able to work something out. They then will start to set up your entertainment in the agreed location. Once they have set up you will be given a safety demonstration of what's safe and what's not, just to ensure after we leave you don't have any accidents. You will then be required to sign our hire agreement (if you haven't already done so online). We will then check that you are happy with everything. Before our drivers leave at this point you will be required to pay any outstanding balance you owe to us. Our drivers will return at the agreed time to collect your entertainment. You don't need to do anything, just ensure the equipment is clean and ready for us to pack away for you. Please do not attempt to pack away the equipment yourself! Our drivers are trained on handling the heavy equipment and will also need to inspect it prior to leaving the site.

So, let's look more at who invented bouncy castles in the first place and a little bit of history behind them. Its commonly believed that bouncy castles were invented by a gentle man called John Scurlock from Shreveport Louisiana (USA). John made the first castle prototype in 1968 and hit the commercial market in 1977. The First castles he produced looked very much like the moonwalks do today, an inflated bouncy bed with a large air-filled dome above them. However, although he may be the first to start producing bouncy castles for a commercial market, he actually was not the inventor. That title goes to a gentleman named Jerome Grosset from Lyon in 1959 who was a French famer. Jerome dug a huge hole in the grounds of his farm and stretched a canvas sheet across the top for his 5 children to play on. The canvas sheet sagged into the hole too much however and had very little bounce. Jarome had the idea to install a fan that would help to inflate the canvas to create a dome like structure (similar to what we now see to be called an inflatable mountain), this was perfect and had loads of bounce for the children. It was however a massive failure, the pegs that held the canvas into the ground would work lose every so often from the stress of the children bouncing. Jerome's wife saw the problem and got to work fixing it. She placed 2 canvases on top of each other and fixed them together with strong ropes. She now had something that in the modern world would look like a huge duvet cover, that when the fan blew inside made a huge bouncy bed that was perfect to entertain the children. The main problem was that when the village children came to play the bouncy bed would become crowded and the children would fall off to the sides (don't forget it has no walls at this point). Jarome started to stack hay bales around the bouncy castle bed on 3 of the sides to create a soft "wall" to keep the children all on the inflated canvas. This now was the first ever bouncy castle! Jarome was more of a farmer than a toy inventor so never really perused the idea of making them for other people like John did who we spoke of earlier.

In 1997 what was the world's biggest bouncy castle was made by William Forsyth and his wife Dana Caspersen. This bouncy castle was all white and was a huge 30ft x 90ft, they called it "the white bouncy castle". It has toured all over Germany and the UK but does not currently hold the tile for the world's biggest. In 2005 a Chinese manufacturer created a space themed bouncy caste which was 90ft x 60ft which held the title until 2013 when a manufacturer named JB inflatables took that tile. They produced a bouncy castle that was a gigantic 120ft x 60ft (we cannot imagine how to roll that beast up). In 2023 a company in Pakistan called Jumbo Jump created a beast of a castle that is 1421 meters square, this castle currently holds the record for the biggest bouncy castle.

Bouncy castles have come on a very long way since 1959. With many more exciting colours, themes and styles to choose from. So, when you book your bouncy castle hire in Wakefield with Bee Leisure remember all the work and developments that's gone into them since the very beginning with Jerome and his wife with the inflatable canvas and hay bales.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and if you would like any help, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be more than happy to help you. If you don't find what you are looking for its always worth getting in touch as we are able to source most inflatable products and we would be happy to give you a competitive quote.

So, if you're ready for your very own bouncy castle hire in Wakefield then why not hit the Hire tab at the top of this page to get started!

Hope to see you all soon.

PIPA accredited bouncy castle operator in Leeds and Wakefield

Bee Leisure: Accredited by PIPA

At Bee Leisure, we prioritize safety and quality in all our inflatable play services. We are proud to be accredited by the Professional Inflatable Play Association (PIPA), a leading organisation dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in the inflatable play industry.

What is PIPA?

PIPA, or the Professional Inflatable Play Association, is a nationally recognized body that certifies inflatable play equipment and operators. PIPA works closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure that all certified equipment meets stringent safety standards. This collaboration helps protect users by maintaining rigorous inspection and testing protocols.

Commitment to Safety

As a PIPA-accredited operator, Bee Leisure adheres to these rigorous standards, ensuring our inflatables are safe, well-maintained, and fit for use. Our accreditation means that each piece of our equipment undergoes regular inspections and tests, providing you with peace of mind when choosing us for your events.

By choosing Bee Leisure, you are opting for a service backed by industry-leading safety practices, ensuring fun and secure experiences for all participants.

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